logo_smallOpening Times and Admission prices

Entrance prices include access to indoor and outdoor play areas, cafeteria and the farm park.

Admission Prices





Children 3 years and over


Children 2 years


Children under 2 years


Play Only Prices

Children 2 years and over




School Visits (Book now)

Group size – 10 or more

£4.50 plus VAT

Children 3 years

£4.50 plus VAT

Children 2 years

£3.00 plus VAT

Full Time Teachers & Children under 2 years


Private Party(school time only): Tues-Fri 3:45 pm to 7:00 pm (see Parties)

Group size – 12 or more

£7.50 per child

Daytime Party, Weekends and school holidays

Tues-Sun 10am-5pm (see Parties)

Group size – No Minimum

£9.00 per child



Opening times – January the 5th to February the 11th

Open Weekends only

10am to 5pm

Opening times – February the 11th to end of December

Tuesday to Sunday

10am to 5pm



Bank Holidays

10am to 5pm

Opening times – School holidays

7 days a week

10am to 5pm